A gravitational pull, or lack thereof

Orrery consists of 24 ceramic vessels which are arranged on a mechanized platform that rotates the various rows of sculptures and imitates the movement of celestial bodies. More specifically, the WAG’s website explains its title “references the popular astronomic mechanical model used to represent the positions, motions and phases of the solar system.”

A view to a new world through painting

World Discovered Under Other Skies is comprised of large-scale paintings, unconventional ceramic tiles and drawings which address a wide variety of topics. Curated by Amin Alsaden, the exhibit is sure to intrigue those who are interested in the expansion of painting into multimedia installations that speak to identity, politics, history and the common links that unite us all.

Cliff Eyland’s library of work

As a nationally recognized painter, school of art professor, writer and curator, Cliff Eyland was a prominent member of Winnipeg’s art community throughout his career. He is likely best known to the average Winnipegger for his installation of miniature paintings at the Millennium Library. Luckily for those who have yet to appreciate the vast scope of Eyland’s career, the Winnipeg Art Gallery is now exhibiting Cliff Eyland: Library of Babel — A Retrospective.

The history of a digital trailblazer

For those who want to get a taste of Winnipeg’s art scene this month without having to physically go to a gallery, look no further than Buffy Sainte-Marie: Pathfinder, a virtual exhibition on now through the Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery.

Have yourself a merry little Victorian Christmas

To say the Victorians invented how Christmas is celebrated as we know it is not hyperbole. The Christmas tree was popularized as a tradition when Victorian periodicals published images of Queen Victoria and her family gathered around their decorated tree, carolling became an institution of Victorian Christmas and Charles Dickens wrote arguably the most famous Christmas tale of all time. Winnipeg is lucky enough to be home to a Victorian-era house, the Dalnavert, and once again the house-turned-museum is hosting Victorian Christmas festivities all month long.

Exploring the ephemeral marks left behind

Arranged in a fairly straightforward manner around the perimeter of the gallery, the works in Traces begin to the left of the entrance, leading viewers clockwise around the space. There is a natural order and flow to the works and their relatively small scale invites patrons to come closer and inspect them, rather than forcing themselves into view.

An awkward moo-ve

The popular phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is perhaps the best way to summarize the events that happened between July 2017 and May 2018 in Markham, Ont. On a July morning that fateful year, the residents of Cathedraltown — a residential neighbourhood of Markham — awoke to find a giant chrome cow on 25-foot tall stilts in the parkette that acts as a front lawn to some houses on Charity Crescent.