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2022-23, episode 2: The Manitoban 101: Introduction: Part 2

2022-23, episode 1: The Manitoban 101: An introduction to U of M’s student newspaper

2020-21, episode 14: Mandipa Shumba and Braedan Hafichuck give insight on being self-published authors in the Manitoba market. They speak on their shift away from long-form books and how to navigate a busy schedule with writing and publishing.

2020-21, episode 13: Two Winnipeg hairstylists speak out on discrimination, appropriation and assimilation in the beauty industry and hair and beauty education.

2020-21, episode 12: Former business coach Jeff Consul speaks on the gender spectrum and models of healthy masculinity in the evolving work environment.

2020-21, episode 11: Geneva Halverson and Allison Phipps of the band Serenade speak on their origins, the impact that the pandemic has had on them as artists and their upcoming projects.

2020-21, episode 10: Kelechi Asagwara talks about race and racism in society and the film industry, and filmmaking during COVID-19.

2020-21, episode 9: Brett Carter, founder of Goodeye Technologies, speaks on the future of artificial intelligence (AI), ethical AI and its impact on the workforce.

2020-21, episode 8: An in-depth look at applied learning at the Asper school of business with instructor Judy Jayasuriya.

2020-21, episode 7: Recruitment specialist David Owasi breaks down the process that businesses take when selecting a candidate and how to tailor your resume for the job market.

2020-21, episode 6: Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship director Debra Jonasson-Young Explains the new Applied Small Business Class from Asper and the value that students will acquire from it.

2020-21, episode 5: Chris Karasewich, U of M alumnus and president of Exchange Agency, a digital advertising agency in Winnipeg, gives advice on how to successfully apply for jobs and navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.

2020-21, episode 4: Former financial technology consultant Lester Love and U of M student Taff Mahachi discuss managing student finances, proper credit card use and budgeting.

2020-21, episode 3: UMSU VP operations and finance Brendan Scott discusses the function of the student union, what unions do and the benefits they provide students. We also delve into how students can utilize those benefits.

2020-21, episode 2: We sat down with UMSU vice-president community engagement to hear his thoughts on the Black lives matter issue and ways that the union can help support students. We went deeper into issues of privilege that exist and ways to overcome them as a community. He gave us some tools to empower ourselves and support those in need.

2020-21, episode 1: A recap of the key news topics covered in the Manitoban June publication.