Seamus Hamilton-Pattison

Love, loss, life

On Sunday, Nov. 8, consummate artist Tom Wilson will bring his psychedelic folk music project LeE HARVeY OsMOND to the Park Theatre. LeE HARVeY OsMOND’s…

Dear coach’s corner

For three years, The Hockey Show has provided 101.5 UMFM’s listeners with detailed coverage of games and any other newsworthy developments from a variety of…

Morbid music

Halloween and the days approaching it are a time when many look to temporarily embrace the macabre. Music and the feelings it is capable of…

Don’t be an idiot

One of the first articles I ever contributed to the Manitoban was an indictment of one individual who on Halloween of 2013 chose to hit Stereo Nightclub in blackface. The photo of the individual was shared hundreds of times on social media, according to the CBC. The image was posted as a part of Stereo’s promotional photography albums. Thus the establishment also came under rightful fire for allowing the individual in.

This Halloween, save everyone the grief and the media circus.

If you, as a non-black individual, want to dress up like a culturally iconic black celebrity such as Jimi Hendrix, then I’ll applaud your right to do so, but only if you leave your face the colour it is.

Take care of the community

There are big plans for Winnipeg’s downtown. Our urban landscape needs to be transformed. We need to elicit real change and make innovative decisions to revitalize the city’s centre. Does this sound familiar yet?

Ready to launch

Local indie rock/pop duo Cannon Bros. are set to release their second full-length album Dream City on Saturday, Oct. 3 at the Good Will Social…