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UMFM show covers all arenas of professional hockey

Photo by Carolyne Kroeker.

For three years, The Hockey Show has provided 101.5 UMFM’s listeners with detailed coverage of games and any other newsworthy developments from a variety of hockey leagues along with “any other hockey-related matter that catches their attention” every Thursday between 5:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m.

Tune in to The Hockey Show often enough, and you’re bound to hear hosts Trevor Alexander and Brenden Olynick (known on-air as “Teebz” and “Beans” respectively) discuss some news or statistics about all your favourite NHL teams. It is, however, The Hockey Show’s local coverage that sets the show apart from the Ron MacLeans and Don Cherrys of the hockey world.

“We do a little more Manitoba focus. We try to have a lot of Manitoba guests on. Players that have either been born in Manitoba, played in Manitoba, or have a connection to Manitoba in some way. We try to report on some of the lower-level divisions,” said Alexander.

Alexander went on to say that, given that they’re broadcasting from the U of M, the show must cover developments in the CIS, in which the Manitoba Bisons hockey teams play.

According to Alexander, the show covers a wide range of smaller leagues such as the NCAA, the AHL, and the WHL. All the while, The Hockey Show still manages to keep up with developments in the NHL as well as with both our city’s teams: the Winnipeg Jets and newly revived Manitoba Moose.

However, The Hockey Show’s discussions don’t begin and end with the sport itself.

“We did a little bit of talking about [the recent sexual assault allegations against Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane], but at the same time we blew it up into something much bigger in terms of that culture in society,” Alexander told the Manitoban. “It’s making it a more relevant news story, and talking about how it affects people on campus. It happens on campuses, and we want to make sure people are aware of that.”

“We don’t try and make it solely about hockey. We look at hockey as sort of a microcosm of society and try to relate things back to how we see it, and how it affects us.”

The show’s broad coverage and local focus has led to many guests appearing on the show over its three-year run.

“We’ve had lots of great guests on and I’d be terrible if I just picked out one. However, we do have some favourites that come back year after year. [Former Manitoba Moose and Vancouver Canucks player] Brandon Reid and his wife Jessica Scott-Reid […] they’re always great to have on. We’ve had Ted Irvine on, Sean Pronger when he played with the Manitoba Moose as well,” explained Alexander.

“It’s some of the people that we don’t often talk about that are some of the more memorable guests. There was an older couple that lost their son playing hockey and we just talked to them about how tragic it was, and the stuff that went on around that. Memorable guests are the ones that have the stories that bring a new angle to the story of hockey.”

Even with the 2015-16 NHL season barely underway, Alexander already has strong, well-formed opinions on this year’s players to watch.

“I think it’s a good idea to keep an eye on some of the rookies. Nikolaj Ehlers is having a good campaign with Winnipeg right now. I really like the stuff that’s happening in Buffalo with Jack Eichel. I know he’s playing on a pretty bad team, but you can’t really do much about that,” Alexander laughed.

“Some of the Montreal Canadiens are doing really well […] I’m hoping, knock on wood, that we see something big out of Joe Pavelski in San Jose. I think Pavelski’s due for a big, big season.”


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