Lauren Siddall

Womyn helping women

The University of Manitoba Womyn’s Centre has partnered with the Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre to offer free self-defence classes for women on campus.

Drink up

Although the days of bootleggers and rum-running are long over, Prohibition-inspired restaurants have recently gained traction in the culinary world, with restaurants in New York,…

New scholarship bolsters human rights research

The University of Manitoba has established a new Mahatma Gandhi scholarship for graduate students studying human rights. The scholarship, along with the forthcoming development of a master of human rights program at the university, helps to solidify Winnipeg as one of the leaders of human rights study in the country.

The changing world of bullying

University of Manitoba alumnus Courtney Andrysiak was honoured with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) Master’s Thesis Award for her dissertation on cyber-bullying this summer.

From Here & Away

“Here” means something different to every person. The way in which we interact and engage with our environment varies widely – sometimes so much so…

Ideas matter

The term “liberal education” was coined in classical Greco-Roman times, selected to emphasize its role in analyzing their rulers critically. It was thought to make one wise through studying over time, with the goal of producing a more educated electorate.

Music to her ears

University of Manitoba music graduate student Mariana Menezes first became interested in conducting in high school.

Benefits of benevolence

The benefits of volunteerism are virtually infinite. Whether you are interested in advancing your employment opportunities, building a network, or making an impact in your…