Dana Hatherly

International tuition still a sore point

The University of Manitoba is looking to uphold their promise of funnelling a significant portion of the extra money generated from international student fee hikes into academic and university community supports for international students.

Nigerian students’ scholarships in limbo

As many as 50 University of Manitoba international students are facing an uncertain academic future after the Nigerian state-run agency sponsoring their education suspended services…

Protesters challenge budget cuts, fee hikes

A crowd of University of Manitoba community members demonstrated their dissatisfaction over the school’s budgetary process at a rally held last Tuesday afternoon. Participants protested…

Students protest over racism at Yale

The issue of racism on U.S. university campuses is gaining international attention again after disputes over offensive Halloween costumes came to the forefront at Yale University.

Grub’s up

To live is to eat. In this feature the Manitoban explores the conventional food system and looks at some alternatives to it. Some experts have…

In the spirit of Halloween

The history of Halloween has been linked to ancient Celtic origins, when people would ward off ghosts with costumes and bonfires. Once designated as a…

U of M faculty of human ecology officially shuts down

After 105 years in existence, the faculty of human ecology at the University of Manitoba has dissolved, bringing to a close the last school of its kind in the country and dispersing its former programs among other academic units.