municipal politics

Is it time for term limits?

As the civic election heats up with the finalization of official candidates this past Tuesday, all levels of electoral races remain wanting. When Winnipeggers go…

The downtown density dilemma

Winnipeg should strive for accessible living of all types. Whether it be single or family living, our downtown should be able to accommodate residents at the barest of minimums. Further, Winnipeg should seek to build a stronger sense of character and consistency in our urban identity and provide a more meaningful execution of communal programming that works with our seasonal variation. Ultimately, we need to redefine Winnipeg.

Addressing global warming means socializing housing

The climate crisis may be the best reason for socializing housing. Winnipeg must look beyond traditional market strategies to address these issues together and reduce inequality. This means the city must take it upon itself to build affordable and climate-friendly housing for low-income earners in high-density neighbourhoods. Going forward, housing cannot have space for profit.

Official website for 2022 municipal elections launched

With the 2022 Winnipeg municipal and school boards election approaching this fall, the city has launched an official election website for prospective candidates and eligible voters to find information on registration, nomination processes and important dates leading up to the election.