Matthew Doering

Gruyère? Here, there, anywhere

Whoever first said, “you can’t make everyone happy, you’re not cheese,” got it wrong. Not even cheese can make everyone happy. Earlier this month, a…

Crisis 103 years ago shines a path forward for U of M

Comparing the past year or two to the end of a world war is distasteful. The conclusion, however, of the 1919 editorial excerpted below may fall on ears in which it rings true. Given the opportunities for the eventual return to classrooms, lecture theatres, buildings and spaces, it remains a timely call for the administration and the government to take responsibility and accountability “in developing a greater and finer University of Manitoba — Floreat.” The alternative: commarceat. The U of M must choose to bloom or wither.

The long and winding road to U-Pass renewal

Now, after four years of students at the U of M having no longer enjoyed the monthly necessity of enduring long lines to purchase a post-secondary pass, we are at a crossroads in the future of the U-Pass.