Basement Mixtape for Bisons — goodbye, hello

Saying goodbye to school and hello to summer

Somehow, despite the unrelenting snowfalls in the last few weeks, we’ve made it to what appears to be springtime. As we enter exam season and finish our classes, anticipation for that sweet escape of summer is on everyone’s minds, I think. 

It felt like a year of taking hits, bad news after bad news, but I was comforted by the indomitable human spirit and solidarity of fellow students. Despite crawling through the mud of studying, passing grades, busy schedules filled with classes and work on the side, I saw students come to each other’s aid, rallying for one another and keeping each other accountable. 

Summer won’t be a cure-all, the world will keep turning and we will all find ourselves in different kinds of struggles, but even I can’t deny the urge to fantasize about the heat of the sun and the smell of flourishing greenery and how it feels like if you can make it there, you’ll be just fine. 

Whether you’re graduating, returning to UC this fall or even on academic probation, I’m rooting for you. 

So, here is my farewell as your local mixtape maker — a playlist that, to me, sounds like summer, a little melancholic but welcoming in that heat and deadline-free future. 

These tracks were picked in a combination of biased choices, groove-ability and what’ll be on repeat for me when that above-30-degrees heatwave that will have me immediately fed up with summer comes. 

I included some honorary Hozier and Orville Peck tracks due to both of them coming to Winnipeg this summer — Orville Peck performing at Folk Fest in July and Hozier coming into town in August. 

It’s going be a summer for yearning cowboys and exhausted academics alike and I hope this playlist sticks with you through it.


So long Bisons, happy trails. 


Where’d All the Time Go? — Dr. Dog, Shame, Shame


Ribs — Lorde, Pure Heroine


Cavalry — Mashrou’ Leila, The Beirut School


Genesis — Grimes, Visions


GONE, GONE/THANK YOU — Tyler, The Creator, IGOR


Electric Feel — MGMT, Oracular Spectacular 


Gospel For a New Century — Yves Tumor, Heaven To A Tortured Mind


Harmony Hall — Vampire Weekend, Father of the Bride


Heat Above — Greta Van Fleet, The Battle at Garden’s Gate


Daytona Sand — Orville Peck, Bronco


KD and Lunch Meat — Boy Golden, Church of Better Daze


Too Sweet — Hozier, Unreal Unearth: Unheard

Closing Time — Semisonic, Feeling Strangely Fine