A beautiful journey of hand-made bowls

Embracing precious moments handcrafting in Toronto

Right now, I find myself in Toronto, teaching people how to make pottery on the wheel.

This process is truly fascinating and holds deep meaning for me. Making vessels is more than just creating something, and teaching pottery has become more than just a job. It is a fulfilling passion that speaks to my soul.


Each day, as I guide my students through the process of crafting bowls on the wheel, I am reminded of the profound connection between art and life. It encompasses the thoughts, emotions and memories of those who have joined in the experience.

The process of making pottery involves creating the pieces, allowing them to dry, trimming and reshaping, then firing them in the kiln, glazing and firing again. It is a truly time-consuming endeavour. Yet, what makes these times precious is not the process of making each bowl, but the experiences and moments shared along the way. Even in the middle of my busy daily life, this process holds significant value for me. A handcrafted piece is not just a functional object, it is intricately connected to our lives, embodying our thoughts and emotions.

Pottery teaches me the importance of slowing down. Day by day, my hands move in a repetitive motion until the form takes shape. This process is imbued with tranquility and calmness. Pausing from our busy lives to create something meaningful from the clay is like an artist painting on a canvas.

Once it is finished, the piece becomes a container for our thoughts and feelings. A handmade creation is a real link to our lives, carrying with it special memories. Even in a world that is always changing, we can feel comfort and steadiness in the slow making of bowls. Crafting things is like taking a journey into our hearts.

So as I sit at the wheel, hands covered in clay, I am reminded of the beauty and simplicity of life. And I am grateful for the opportunity to share that beauty with others.