Sex and the Campus

t’s late at night, you’ve finally finished everything you wanted to, or can do, in one day and you’re finally letting yourself get to bed. The phone is charging on your night table, everything else is off and suddenly there’s a noise.

It’s a call, a text or a BlackBerry message. What’s the harm? You’re still up so you look at the message that asks something as harmless as, “hey, what are you up to?” You answer that you’re just about to get to bed and they ask if you want to come over instead — sometimes with a fake reason, sometimes not.

WHAM! You’ve been booty called.

The booty call comes in many different shapes and sizes and can be sneaky. You might not be entirely aware something is a booty call until it is too late. It simply is not enough to stop answering you phone at night; the booty call is an around-the-clock threat.

The daytime booty call is different from the nighttime because it relies heavily on one person wanting the other to such an extreme that they’d consider pursuing it during the day. The risk comes when one person perceives the possibility of a relationship and the other has no intent for any kind of relationship, and is just looking for some afternoon delight.

This type of booty caller is usually out to play a quick game of screw and run, hoping to be on their way shortly after. The worst part of this kind of booty call is that if it is ultimately successful, you’re only made aware of the trap by a lack of communication from the person afterward.

The other variety assumes that it is late and we’re either completely asleep and will wake up groggy and vulnerable, or that, if we’re up, we’re quite drunk — which given the fact that we’re all enrolled in a post-secondary education is really not that much of a far-fetched deduction.
Then taking this vulnerability in to account, they hope we’ll do something we ordinarily would not. They might just ask to hangout, and because its such a late hour, or because our inhibitions were left at home in the haste to get ready for a 3 a.m. rendezvous, we honestly believed was just going to be a night walk or a midnight conversation, things happen.

Of all the types of booty calls, there’s the one that seems to harm people the most. Though it might be considered a variant of the daytime booty call, it is the kind in which the person, who is not interested in a relationship of any permanence, feigns the possibility of one.

Pretending that they’re really interested until they get exactly what they want, these people are occasionally we people — those who just enjoy the word we and seem to be very interested in being an item until suddenly they’re gone.

So maybe the next time that someone calls late at night, or in broad daylight, and tries to trick you into bed or the broom closet, a quick thought to what we’ve learned today will save a ton of heartache.