UMSU offering subsidy to offset transit costs

The U-Pass program is not in effect during the fall term

UMSU is offering a transit subsidy to some students who purchase a post-secondary pass for the fall semester. 

No U-Pass is being offered this fall term due to the majority of courses being offered remotely. A minority of classes and labs are being offered in person on U of M campuses.  

Given that no U-Pass is being offered this term, UMSU is seeking to bridge the financial gap between the cost of the U-Pass and the cost of a post-secondary pass. 

The U-Pass comes at a cost of $200 per term, while the post-secondary pass costs $278 per term. Typically, the U-Pass is mandatory for most students and included in each term’s fee statement. 

In a statement posted on social media, UMSU said the transit subsidy has been “created to assist students in need.” 

“With the majority of the upcoming term proceeding remotely, UMSU recognizes that there remain students who are burdened by the $78 and have no other reasonable way to attend their academic commitments which remain in-person,” UMSU said in a statement. 

Eligibility requirements to access the subsidy include proof of financial need and demonstrated need to attend campus regularly for mandatory in-person classes.  

For graduate students, the U of M graduate students’ association states on its website that it is “currently looking into how to assist students who may not be able to afford the extra cost [of a post-secondary pass].” 

Application information for UMSU’s transit subsidy will be made available online in the coming weeks.