Re: A tale of two parties

LettersToTheEditorGraphic by Evan Tremblay.

While the Conservative Party of Canada is certainly going through some turmoil following their federal election loss, they are not the only party with internal issues (“A tale of two parties,” June 7, 2016).

The Conservatives made a ground-breaking decision to remove the statement that marriage is between a man and a woman from their charter. This signals the true acceptance of homosexuality from the party, despite religious convictions some members may hold, and is an enormous bound in the right direction. This was mostly a formality however, as during Harper’s reign as prime minister, there was no attempt to rescind the right to marriage from same-sex couples, showing that the party had already moved towards acceptance.

The outlook for the Liberal party is not so rosy, as their leader has been marred in scandal in the few short months he has been in power. From childish, to even reckless behaviour in Parliament, to the reckless spending of Canadian taxpayer dollars to celebrate his anniversary, bring his family to D.C., and to pay to care for his children.

The Conservatives are clearly reeling following their election loss, but Justin Trudeau is fumbling and mishandling the power he was handed.

Lucas Johnston