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Stop mislabelling in politics

If you follow politics, even on a surface level, you have probably seen someone attack a political figure such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or…

Solve sexual violence in military by defunding it

Talking about a “culture shift” within the military reflects a similar logic to giving officers body cameras to prevent police violence — it may look like a solution, but the underlying issues remain unresolved. If Canada wants to solve its military’s sexual violence issue, it must defund the CAF.

NDP-Liberal agreement a victory for cooperative politics

The Liberal-NDP agreement is not solely a political victory, but rather a triumph for low-income Canadians who need assistance to cover their pharmaceutical necessities and require adequate and affordable dental-care plans. Though imperfect, this agreement puts citizens’ interests over partisanship.

NDP will support Liberals until 2025 for dental care

The New Democratic Party (NDP) has struck a deal with the Liberals to support the government in confidence
votes to keep them in power until 2025 in exchange for dental care for lower-income families and action on
other NDP priorities such as pharmacare, affordable housing, child care and Indigenous and environmental