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Orgasms are awesome: Part 3

So, I think by now you get the point that orgasms are awesome.

The way that our bodies and minds interact and affect each other in moments of sheer pleasure is kind of mind-blowing. Well, what’s better than an orgasm then? MULTIPLES. If you haven’t caught on by now that our bodies are capable of pretty amazing things – behold the multiple orgasm. It’s common belief that only people with vaginas can experience multiple orgasms in one sexual encounter – but you penis-toting folks can get in on the action while getting some action as well.

Although many vagina bearers have not experienced an orgasm or require extra stimulation to cum—like we talked about in Part 1 of this series—once you do orgasm you’re not necessarily finished. Not all vagina bearers can experience multiple orgasms—scientists are not exactly sure why some can’t—but often people don’t know they can because once orgasm is achieved, sex usually stops. This is one of the many reasons why an orgasm should never be the reason you start and stop sex – it’s all about discovery and exploration!

It should be noted, that just because you are able to experience multiple orgasm sometimes, it doesn’t mean you will be able to consistently. There are several factors that can prevent you from being multi-orgasmic, including stress and physical exhaustion.

If physical stamina is a barrier for you or your partner, sex toys can be a great tool to keep the arousal and pleasure flowing, while minimizing the amount of work your body has to do to make it happen. Vibrating cock rings and remote-controlled vibrators are specifically good for lazier days, or when your orgasms are getting up there in number but you’re not quite ready to call it quits yet.

As always, you can test the… uh… “waters” during masturbation and see if multiple orgasm is something your body is capable of. Once you bring yourself to orgasm for the first time, your genitals are going to be sensitive and will likely need to recover. This is called the refractory period and a penis bearer’s refractory period lasts much longer than a vagina bearer’s. During the refractory period it is important to keep the mood going and stay aroused. Touch and caress other parts of your body, dirty talk with your partner, engage in acts of foreplay or fantasy, massage each other, watch porn – whatever keeps your mind on track and body ready for more.

Once some of the sensitivity is gone, you can begin to stimulate your genitals again. Again, for people with penises, this will take some time – after ejaculating once, your body needs to wait for you to be able to ejaculate again. The next orgasm can come quite quickly and orgasms can be accomplished more easily as your body relaxes and climaxes repeatedly. It is possible to have more than five orgasms in one sexy romp.

Again, kind of amazing. Don’t get discouraged if multiple orgasms seem elusive or difficult – there is definitely no harm in enjoying the journey it will take to get there.

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  1. Great article, explained in a sensitive manner about something VERY sensitive. Thank you!

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