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Lingerie that doesn’t suck

Can we be real here? I was not stoked when Victoria’s Secret opened here last winter. I wasn’t actively against it, but unlike the throngs that lined the halls at Polo Park I was just feeling entirely ambivalent. Don’t get me wrong – I love… well, I’m borderline addicted to lingerie.

Whether you’re single or partnered, for some reason wearing a matching set of something special under your clothes or all on its own makes you feel like you have your shit together and are also the foxiest, femmiest, or most handsome being on earth. Not everyone is into lace and pink and sparkles. For those who want a bit of a change or a more androgynous look, there is an alternative.

Sure, Victoria’s Secret or La Senza do the trick and are super budget-friendly, but in my recent forays into higher quality underthings I’ve noticed a world of difference.

Unfortunately, a lot of specialty underwear is pricier. While hand making things, using better materials, and supporting indie designers is more desirable, I’d love to see a change in the lingerie industry to allow those who are not super feminine to have an alternative to conventional lingerie options. Whether you’re trying to feel more confident in or out of your clothes, it’s harder to do with scratchy, stretched-out fake lace sagging off of your bodacious bod. Here are some alternatives to your classic standbys:




The women-owned, ethically made (in Canada), eco-conscious reusable menstrual pads have a counterpart. I definitely have a crush on this company in a big way and after trying out their underwear, I do even more so.

Whether it’s that time of the month or not, they make underwear out of quality cotton that fits all sizes of bodies and make you feel good. They have panties with no extra coverage for regular wear and panties that have a little coverage for those days you have a light flow, to full-on pairs that have extra leak protection and a Lunapad holder! My favourite are the Selene Briefs which have a thick band of lace at the top so they wear more like a high-waist style. The perfect mix of sexy and functional!

Dear Kate

Also made for providing a little leak coverage, but these are underwear I actually love wearing all the time. Elegant and delicate, these timeless styles made in the U.S. are structured from a revolutionary fabric that wicks moisture away while feeling super soft against your skin. Perfect for the gym or hot yoga, these babies are beautiful but kick a whole bunch of ass.



Hopeless Lingerie

I have been a fan of this Aussie-made brand for ages and have not only bought their pieces for myself, but happily given their pieces as gifts. Truly unique, this brand is more fatale and less femme but is absolutely, devastatingly sexy.

Hand-cut, seaweed-inspired leather garters, horror-movie-inspired underwear, sheer shorts, witchy pentagram harnesses, and tasteful bum-bearing underwear – it’s a thing! This line spans from androgynous to a little feminine in the best way possible. A bit pricey, but a good investment.

FYI by Dani Read

This is the most handsome line of lingerie I’ve ever seen in my life! They’ve made lingerie overalls in the past and currently have a military-inspired “Commander” collection featuring big, shiny buttons and buckles and button-down shirt-esque silk robes.

Their pieces are also BDSM-inspired in more of a sophisticated domme way than a Rihanna-music-video way, including briefs that have restraints built in. Are you in love yet?


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