Food on Campus: Yum Yummm

Best soup
Armark provides the best soup variety at their locations around campus (off the top of my head, the soup place in University Centre, and the Greenhouse Cafe). If you’re looking to soup-up your lunch, they’re your best bet for sure.

Best coffee
Don’t let all the coffee chains that operate around campus lure you in with their convenience and flashy marketing powers. The best coffee in our estimation is available at the smaller, independent coffee stops, like the one in St. John’s College. Kicking Horse all the way.

Best sandwich
This award was going to go to Degree’s club sandwich—which is totally awesome—but then we tried the Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese sandwich from The Hub and we had a new winner. It’s a grilled cheese sandwich combined with pulled pork and sautéed onions. I’ll give you a moment to wipe the drool off your face.

Best poutine
Degree’s wins almost by default, since they’re possibly the only place on campus that uses honest-to-goodness cheese curds in their poutine. Anything less than that is an abomination in the eyes of the poutine gods.

Best greasy options
Looking for a quick and greasy bite to eat on the go? Bison Grill in the University Centre cafeteria fits the bill. Their burgers and chicken fingers are great, but make sure to try their Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.

Best healthy options
The Daily Bread, located in the basement of St. John’s College, is like a hidden gem. It’s got an awesome menu and is open daily from 8a.m. to 10p.m.. Well worth the voyage if you don’t typically have classes in that part of the campus.

Best sweets
If you need a quick snack or have a nagging sweet tooth, GPA’s is your one-stop shop. The other day, I saw they now have clodhoppers in their bulk bin. Need I say more?

Local spots of interest
You may be eating most of your meals on campus but that doesn’t mean you have to eat all of your meals on campus. Live a little!

Take a trek to the Smartpark (some will say this is technically still on campus but they are wrong) and check out Edna’s Café, a sister restaurant to Winnipeg’s own Stella’s Café and Bakery franchise. The food there is absolutely terrific.

Also of interest to students is the new Five Guys burger restaurant, located less than three kilometres from campus on Pembina Highway. The cholesterol is plain delicious.