Crime Beat

In the month of February, Security Services reported one incident where items were taken from a vehicle. Several lockers were also broken into in the men’s change room of the Frank Kennedy Centre. “Along with these thefts, one report was taken of a stolen laptop computer that was left unattended by the owner,” said Community Constable Doug Heinrichs.

Three incidents were reported of individuals apprehended under the Intoxicated Persons Detection Act. “All three were non-students and were turned over to WPS to be transported to the detox centre at 75 Martha Street,” said Heinrichs.

Other incidents include a report of graffiti in the Duff Roblin tunnel, three reports of people skateboarding inside campus buildings, and one incident of mischief reported from University College residence where a fire alarm was pulled. The Winnipeg Fire Department attended the scene and found that the alarm was false.

In addition, a vehicle was reported as attempting to tailgate out of the parkade without paying. The driver was caught on CCTV cameras and given a warning.