Bison athlete profile – Alicia Boxill

The Manitoban interviewed Bison track and field athlete Alicia Boxill just after she received a silver medal in the 60m hurdles event at the 2012 Boeing Track and Field Classic, which took place Friday and Saturday March 2 & 3.


The Manitoban: How do you think the Bison track team has been doing this year, and what has your individual contribution been to their success?


Alicia Boxill: The team on the whole is doing pretty well. We are a pretty young team and (there are) a lot of rookies in their second year. We are doing well and making improvements. Individually I didn’t have the best season but I did well today. I ran a 9.70.


M: What is your dream hurdles/athletics team?


AB: Lolo Jones from the U.S. is an amazing hurdler. Perdita Felicien and Priscilla Lopes-Schliep from Canada, they are amazing hurdlers.


M: Whom will you be cheering for in the upcoming 2012 London Summer Olympics?

AB: I actually got tickets for the Olympics. I’m seeing the women’s semi-finals for hurdles, so I’m pretty excited about that. There are three Canadian girls that will probably get to go and I’m hoping they will be in the final for the 100m. I always cheer for the underdog, but I’ll probably cheer for Usain Bolt.


M: How has the Women’s Team been training for the CIS Championship?


AB:  Our relay teams are looking really strong. We have five girls in the mix; we have a few rookies that are running well and we’re working on building chemistry. Our four by 200m is looking really strong and our four by 400m girls are running fast. We lift (weights) two to three times a week, along with our running workouts. Nutrition wise, we try to eat as well as possible; it’s hard when you’re a student.


M: Would you ever compete in an ultra-marathon?


AB:  *laughs* No. I’m a sprinter and that would be the death of me. Maybe one day I’ll run an 800m.