Tattoos and you

This is what I know of tattoos. Tattoos are a passport to open shores from one port to another, anchors, sparrows, women and monsters. Today they have so much more meaning to them; for some it’s a personal path.

Along with great artwork and the pain of getting it done, I feel I am on a personal journey every time that I get a new tattoo. I sit and feel the pain for hours and hours, from the pressure of ink and the hand of the artist. After the time is put into it and the work is over with, I do the after care and see the ink. I begin to stare and stare.

Every time I get tattoo work done I always think to myself, “Why do I always do this to myself?” Looking at your own skin and seeing the colour of ink on your body, the outlines, faces and all the other artwork. The thrill is when others recognize the beauty on your flesh; the satisfaction overcomes me, as if a huge accomplishment of my life is completed. Cause some of them you can see and some of them you can’t see.

This is what tattooing means to me,