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Tory education critic hits back after NDP criticisms

With a provincial election only a little more than a month away and with polls showing the incumbent NDP government behind the surging Progressive Conservatives, there could be a new government controlling Manitoba’s finances after ballots are counted April 19.

An open letter to prospective deans

As the three short-listed candidates, all from outside Manitoba, I would like to first welcome you to our province. I hope that you enjoy your visit.

Students do not have much meaningful input into your appointment (a process that is opaque at best) but I hope that you will hear me out nonetheless.

It is clear, so far, that the issue of a tuition increase is not on your radar. I don’t blame you. The faculty may have forgotten to mention it. In case you are interested, here is my perspective.

Province sets sights on campus safety

In a marquee promise emerging out of last week’s speech from the throne, Manitoba’s provincial NDP government pledged legislation aimed at increasing campus safety. The…

Moving beyond the bottom line

The link between social capital and accounting transparency in public and private banks was uncovered in a recent lecture at the U of M, including its implication for contemporary Canadian society.

Point/Counterpoint: Budget cuts

Point: Unsustainable spending has made budget cuts necessary Over the course of the last few months there has been a rising chorus of voices calling…