Mohammad Arsalan Saeed

Sustainability week to focus on greenwashing

UMSU’s annual series of sustainability initiatives will be held March 1 through March 10 and will focus on the theme of
greenwashing, the process through which an organization misrepresents itself or its products as environmentally sustainable.
The events — dubbed sustainabilty season — will promote environmental sustainability and feature David Suzuki as the keynote

Provincial school funding falls behind inflation

Inflation will outpace increases in funding for public school divisions struggling with COVID-19-related expenses, wagesettlements and a general increase in cost of living for another consecutive year.

U of M moving ahead with partial in-person return

In a Feb. 2 email to students and employees at the U of M, University president and vice-chancellor Michael Benarroch and provost and vice-president (academic) Diane Hiebert-Murphy announced that partial in-person teaching and learning will resume for some courses.

Convoy-inspired protests reach Winnipeg

Ottawa declared a state of emergency Feb. 6 in response to the convoy of truckers with white supremacist ties currently occupying the city in protest of COVID-19-related restrictions and vaccine mandates.