Career resolutions you can actually accomplish

Three realistic New Year’s resolutions to invigorate your career

Making a midnight champagne-fuelled goal actually come true in the sober months following is easier said than done.

The first workday of the new year is consistently when job sites experience the most traffic of the year. It is safe to say many New Year’s resolutions are all about career rejuvenation.

As 2019 brings you a fresh start, you might feel inspired to make changes to your career.

Let’s explore three reasonable career-focused resolutions and tips to make them actually come true.

Find a new job

A few days off from the daily grind this holiday season might have helped you realize you never want to go back.

But unless you are independently wealthy, do not quit just yet. According to a Workopolis survey, the average Canadian job seeker can expect to spend four months looking for work before accepting a position.

To keep your midnight momentum going, make yourself a job search schedule with achievable daily or weekly goals.

This could mean deciding  you will apply for three jobs, connect with one new professional contact and check your 10 favourite employer’s websites for new job postings every week.

It is up to you to hold yourself accountable to these benchmarks, even when your energy is flagging.

Remember, a successful job search is about more than applying for jobs. It is also about making meaningful connections.

As you apply for work, talk to people who can help you along the way.

This could be professionals in your field, or a career consultant in the community or your educational institution.

Go back to school

The new year might have prompted you to take a new educational path to support your career goals.

Of course, school is a significant investment of both time and money.

What resources do you need to make this dream a reality in 2018?

For financial support, consider applying to Manitoba Student Aid, which supports students with financial need.

The school you are applying to should have a financial aid office which can also connect you to scholarships and bursaries. 

Many programs have options for you to attend part time or online, allowing you the flexibility to maintain a  fulltime work schedule. For example, ECourses Manitoba compiles online learning options from across the province. You can also search for specific programs on, broadening your search to distance programs nationwide.

With the hard work and sacrifice inherent in higher education, you deserve to make an informed decision and select the right program for your goals.

Seek advice from professionals working in the field, check out educational requirements on job postings and contact the educational institution to find out about the rate of employed graduates in their field before choosing a program.

Find work-life balance

If you worked too much in 2018, it likely took a toll on your physical or mental health.

Remember, to perform professionally, you need to look after yourself personally.

To start, remind yourself what it is you like to do for fun.

If you spent the last year drowning in commitments, this might take some trial and error.

The old hobbies might not fit anymore. Because the old hobbies might not fit anymore, experiment with the hobbies you always wanted to try, read for pleasure for a change, or reconnect with the people who matter to you.

And, since you are a workaholic, you can even employ the tools that make you successful at work to your self-care resolution.

Add self-care to your to-do list and block it in your calendar. If you forget to make work-life balance a priority, you will fall into your old patterns.

Making realistic resolutions

No matter your resolution, it is through commitment, thoughtful planning and regular check-ins that resolutions become realities.

Write down your plan and stick to it. Put a weekly or monthly reminder in your calendar and actually act on those reminders when they pop up. Tell others about your goals and ask them to inquire about your progress so you feel external pressure to keep trying.

With careful planning, 2019 will be the year you actually make your career resolution a reality.