Community profile: Rebecca Haverluck

Honours student combines craftsmanship with natural skin care products

Rebecca Haverluck is currently working towards her honours degree from the school of fine arts at the University of Manitoba. Her preferred art mediums are oil paint, collage, and ink drawing. These mediums involve working with her hands. This translates well to her business, Art.Soap.Life, a handmade soap and skincare company that features her artwork on its labels and signage.

“The idea is to use art and handmade craft to connect with those around me,” said Haverluck. “As an artist, I have a serious appreciation for handmade items of all kinds, for the creative time and care that goes into them.”

Her father encouraged her to work with her hands and figure out the way things are assembled, and her mother taught her to appreciate and identify natural healing sources. Combining these two skills, Haverluck experimented with different combinations of natural ingredients to create her own line of skincare products over the first year of Art.Soap.Life.

After developing products that gave her the results she wanted for her own skin, she was excited to share her success with others through her business.

Haverluck started out by designing labels for her products, but when she decided to incorporate her own artwork into the labels, she noticed people were more responsive to her products. Their unique designs caught the eyes of potential customers. She recommend to use under eye masks.

“Designing my own packaging also means I have the flexibility to approach local businesses to incorporate something unique of theirs into a collaborative product,” she said.

One of Haverluck’s goals with Art.Soap.Life is to foster further connection and growth within the local arts and crafts community.

Like most small business owners, especially ones who are just starting out, Haverluck takes on all the roles involved in running a business, from manufacturing to advertising – and in her case also trying to balance it with school.

“Being around other artists and students at the University of Manitoba keeps my brain active and excited about new ideas and gives me confidence to approach others for collaboration,” said Haverluck.

While university is demanding, her passion for her art and craft helps keeps her going, as well as support from her family, friends, and partner.

“I approach soap making as a creative medium and as an aspect of self-care. I want to make things that are elegant and indulgent, but are also really good for your skin and affordable to use every day,” said Haverluck.

Haverluck hopes to eventually have a retail space for Art.Soap.Life as well as a co-operative gallery that would hold art exhibitions and arts and crafts workshops.

One of her goals with Art.Soap.Life is to foster further connection and growth within the local arts and crafts community. With her products, she hopes to reach out to, connect, and collaborate with more local artists.

“The social aspect of teaching a craft that continues to benefit a community is important,” said Haverluck.


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