U of W alumnus releases first digital novel

Local author’s novel explores the fascinating and urban lifestyles of millennials

University of Winnipeg alumnus Jonny Symons has spent the last seven years working to get his manuscript published. In 2008, after receiving a grant from the Manitoba Arts Council, he pitched his work to several publishing houses. His efforts may have proved futile but that didn’t stop him.

Today, thanks to Amazon.com’s self-publishing service, Kindle Direct Publishing, Symons is a published author in his own right. His first novel, Take Me Out Tonight – which is now available for sale, digitally, on amazon.com – is a testament to the sort of transformation the publishing world has experienced over time.

A bachelor of arts in creative writing graduate, Symons’s exploration into being an author began with a short creative writing assignment in his first year as an undergraduate. Over the years, the assignment developed to become the manuscript for his new novel.

That being said, Take Me Out Tonight’s plot details a story that is indeed true to its time. Set in modern day Winnipeg, the novel covers the lives of three 21st century kids who unwittingly set off on a journey to self-awareness via aimless exploration. In an interesting way, this is a story that is capable of resonating with today’s youths.

Pete, Sara, and Tobias are millennials, on the verge of their adulthood, who rummage through the moral decadence of their time and come to terms with the advances and adversities of their society – social media, pop culture, and addictions, amongst others.

Nevertheless, like many young people today, these characters have artistic talents and are aware of the fact. Their gifts, relationships, and lives are constantly being affected by the choices they must make as they navigate through adolescence.

In his 324-page novel, Symons details the experiences of his characters from their perspective. This gives the reader a unique understanding of how these youths view themselves and the world around them. Through plot twists as well as funny and thought-provoking conversations, this novel will keep readers engaged.

Despite being a novel about millennials, Take Me Out Tonight is a beautifully written literary piece that will be appreciated by readers of any generation. More so, Symons’s success with getting it published and released, albeit digitally, is a comforting sign for aspiring writers out there.


The digital copy of Take Me Out Tonight is now available for download at amazon.com/Take-Out-Tonight-Jonny-Symons-ebook/dp/B01M0OOZB5