Mobina Galore – Feeling Disconnected, 4/5

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Photo obtained courtesy of Bandcamp.

Power chord-heavy Winnipeg duo Mobina Galore’s latest release – Feeling Disconnected – offers up raw, catchy punk tunes.

The duo expresses dissatisfaction with themselves and their environment through honest lyrics and Jenna Priestner’s strong, yelling vocals. Priestner emphasizes the different rhythmic styles of the songs through her percussive vocals, and it makes her lyrics all the more distinguishable. She transitions well between smoother, more melodic singing to rougher styles.

The overall tone of the album wavers between anger, dissatisfaction, fear, and resilience. The disconnect Mobina Galore presents here is within themselves, their location, and people around them. While not every track stands out on its own and some are more forgettable, none are outright displeasing.

“Vancouver” expresses the band’s urge to be in bigger and better places, to leave the comforts of their home to experience something greater. “There’s comfort in these walls, they’ve taken me this far, I won’t let it bring me down,” Priestner screams, echoing the struggles that many young adults feel: the choice between security and adventure.

“Suffer” and “Nervous Wreck” speak to emotional disconnect and being distracted by internal turmoil affecting direct present experiences.

Overall, Mobina Galore manages to maintain an honesty and vulnerability that complements their aggressive, punk-rock attitude.

Feeling Disconnected is tough, it’s loud, and most importantly, it’s human.