CD review : Miss Ivy “Your Evil Bride”

Oh, Miss Ivy. I must say, for your first album out, this is not a hit at all. I would seriously suggest going back into the studio and coming up with songs that actually appeal to audiences and not just bore the listener to the point where they zone out and wish they were listening to a different album.

At first Your Evil Bride sounded promising. Miss Ivy does, admittedly, have a unique voice, something that can always catch an audience’s attention. Indeed, not many young female recording artists seem to have an interesting voice anymore — to my ears, they all kind of sound the same — so hearing a new unique voice is a breath of fresh air.

On the opening track, “Evil Bride,” Miss Ivy was very nice to listen to, but as the tracks went on, her voice just kept sounding exactly the same! Besides having no variation, Miss Ivy also doesn’t seem to have much emotion or passion in her voice, and it sounds like she must have been so bored singing these songs. By the end of the album, I felt like I wasn’t breathing fresh air anymore, I was suffocating.

One positive here is the album’s instrumentation. The album is full of amazing little acoustic guitar passages and piano solos that could make a person close their eyes and feel like they are floating. Perhaps this album would have been better as an instrumental album, because those can never get boring. They can also be very relaxing. Unfortunately, with Miss Ivy’s voice in the mix, there was no relaxation to be found here at all.

In all, Your Evil Bride was not horrible, but definitely not the best I have ever heard. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody because, really, who wants to be bored out of their mind?

.5 out of *