New exhibit Rooted in local talent

Woodland Gallery’s new initiative creates gallery exposure opportunities for local artists

Winnipeg’s arts community brims with talent and potential that could make this place a hotspot. To get there, these talents need to be honed, potentials maximized, and more opportunities provided for upcoming artists to showcase themselves.

There is a demand for more works from local artists in our galleries, and Woodland Gallery is heeding that call by launching a new initiative geared towards showcasing local talents. The initiative, called the Supplementary Artists Program (SAP), features contemporary emerging artists from Manitoba, displaying some of their finest works.

The first exhibition of the program is called Rooted and will be on display from Sept. 16 to Oct. 15. Rooted will feature two emerging local artists: Genevieve Levasseur, a bachelors of fine arts (Hons) graduate from the University of Manitoba, and Tracey Kucheravy, a self-taught artist and apprentice of Gordon Harrison.

Elise Dawson, the gallerist at Woodland Gallery, spoke to the Manitoban about her excitement for the new initiative and the artists involved.

“SAP builds on the Woodland’s mandate to support Canadian artists,” Dawson said. “As a contemporary arts gallery, we are always looking for new ways to support local talents and this initiative is one way to do that.”

In addition to showcasing local artists, this inaugural exhibition of the supplemental artist program celebrates the artists’ environment and the influence it has had on their artwork.

“The two featured artists, Genevieve and Tracey, draw inspiration from their surrounding environment and that’s exactly what this exhibition is about,” Dawson said. “To be rooted is to be grounded in one’s environment, hence the name Rooted.”

The two artists will be present at the opening of the exhibition on Friday to showcase their paintings, which range from views of Shoal Lake to beautiful Parisian landscapes. Their paintings are a reflection of their appreciation for the places they’ve been to and sights they’ve seen.

Despite Rooted being the inaugural SAP exhibition, Dawson spoke of the gallery’s interest in working with more emerging artists – especially students – seeking gallery exposure.

“I think this initiative will be beneficial to the student artist who is trying to get a foot in. I’d encourage them to come see the exhibition and talk to us about possible involvements in future editions.”


Rooted will be on display at Woodland Gallery (535 Academy Road) from Sept. 16 to Oct. 15. For more information, visit SAP exhibitions will be held on a biannual basis with the next edition coming up next spring.