The Zolas – “Swooner” 5/5

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Photo provided by Take Aim Media.

The Zolas’ third studio album Swooner is an upbeat, vibrant, and engaging experimental indie-pop album.

Opening track “Molotov Girls” sets the mood for the album, with a busy backing band and catchy riff that carries on throughout the song, aside from on its equally catchy chorus. “Molotov Girls” seems like an introduction to all the instruments the Zolas have at their disposal, with certain sounds making one-time appearances to keep you on your toes.

An empowering, feministic pop anthem, Swooner’s title track is the all-male band’s salute to the high-functioning women that seem to have it all by working for what’s theirs.

The Zolas do a great job combining hard-hitting guitar with an overall really synth-y sound, especially with the track “CV Dazzle.” This combination makes for a successful, yet experimental-sounding tune.

“Freida on the Mountain” is a standout track simply because it’s so different from the others. It’s a complete throw-off from the album’s indie-pop aesthetic at points, and the chorus sports Beatles-like vocals met with a memorable piano melody.

“Why Do I Wait (When I Know You’ve Got a Lover)” starts off with a guitar and vocal harmonies, before kicking in the synth and transitioning to a fuller instrumentation. This is one of the only slow tracks on the album, and it features some ethereal vocals playing between different effects to match the experimental nature of the song.

Every track on the album is catchy and dynamic. Making it to number two on Texas-based Canadian indie music radio show This Great White North’s list of the “Top 10 Canadians to Watch at SXSW” is evidence enough that the Zolas’ tour is going to sell fast – a tour that’s making its way to Winnipeg’s Park Theatre on April 2. The band’s combination of kinetic live energy and an album this solid definitely makes them something to check out.


Tickets to the Zolas’ show in Winnipeg are $20 in advance, and may be purchased online via or in person at the Park Theatre and Music Trader.