Reader Man Journey

Notes On ‘The Origin of Species’ by Charles Darwin

Graphic by Kelly Campbell.

Introduction note:


Remember to keep reading

on and on and on …


two, He doesn’t seem to

be speaking ‘f actually’ or

the voice, the author is

non-fatalistic as writer


“Where was I?” —

Is the question I’m looking for.


Now — that’s what I /always

say when I continue reading!





Throat Ocean

was one of the most sensitive

“sob stories”

in my generation

written in hyper narrative

as a postmodern novel

and I wrote it lol.


Party line: “If you could have one thing about

yourself, last forever, what would it be?”




Cause of Variability note:


He follows through,

every time the reader

wonders “why?”


And leads on

keeps us guessing

while all four

hands are full


“Help me, lift this up

from the other side”


The nature of organisms

are put before

The nature of conditions

the argument is not behind

like strange sweetness


The rhetoric I gather is:

“When conditions have

been controlled or are

under control and

plants seem to be

predictable, then

Where does its new

character come from,

strange, no?”



“Love is like a birthmark,

only two people in the world

have the same one!” xox





If I were in a poker game with

Charles Darwin, I would not mention

clovers. He might be allergic to them.


He would not want to hear about

how I began reading his book, while

looking after lucky charms.


He’s more interested in bigger and

greener things like turtles.


Listen, I would not just talk

about clovers all together.


He would prefer a rock than

a pack, of clover cigarettes.


Even if the clover cigarettes

are from China, keep them.

And don’t bring them up.



Party line:           “…and If it was just a single protein strand

in your DNA, what would it be?”




Effects of Habit note:


So he’s using a lexicon

which is when a school

has its own dictionary.

So when he says “aboriginal”

he’s not exactly talking

about the peoples of America.

He’s using the word “aboriginal”

in his own original way

as a guy who believes

chickens taste better fresh.


When-ever someone uses

a lexicon, it’s usually

a good idea to not pretend

like you don’t know

what they’re saying.

Get it?


I can see why the actor

who played Darwin

also played Chaucer,

what was the actor’s name?


(Oh yeah, Paul Bettany!)


But I’m only upset by the idea

that he didn’t end the section,

heading with, a preposition.

It would have been so much better.

Although, it’s nice we didn’t all starve

to death… Chicks-lexicon!


(Remembering my sister’s

copy of GIRL TALK by L.E. Blair.)




Characters of Domestic Varieties note:


Verging on verses

he adamantly goes

to say “it has been difficult”

for everyone but we

did it.

We domesticated dogs

and that is a cause

for celebration.


The last word of the section

is a clear sound: manifest.

It’s like saying or

declaring victory for

all the world to hear,

his love for dogs

and how far dogs

have come.


Once the hate passes these

strong words begin to

sound vivacious,

he was excited to tell

everyone the good news.


He jests without mockery

and this reader is

coming along, having

a sense of humour

wallops here’




He had a farm:



Dear Mister MacDonald,


How much would it cost for you to raise a chicken especially for me? I want you to feed the chicken lots of butter, flour, herbs, and also spices. And talk to the chicken, making sure to be nice. You might even take the chicken out for a walk in the park some days. Then, with all that, tenderness, the chicken will be nice and tight, so plump and juicy! I want to cook and eat a nice, tight, fresh chicken like that! So how much for one of those super food poultries? Can you quote me a price? By the way, I want to come to your farm and pick which one I want, it might take a couple of visits to choose but I want to know what I’m eating. When I’m at your farm, maybe you could hold the camera and take a picture of me beside the big chicken, kind of like a sly used car salesman.








I thought I already knew a lot

about Charles Darwin, thought

even that it might be easy…


But my regard for him has changed

from genius to proclaim-er.


And the word “transform”

got to be very singular —

And the comic books I grew

to love get on touchingly.


I wanted to know if I was right;

that survival had little to do

with selfishness but unity.


I don’t want more anymore

just a classmate who will

study and transform with me.


Is it you, my age, no longer upset?