Community Profile: Zephyra Vun

Degree: bachelor’s of environmental design, master’s of architecture

Photo provided by Zephyra Vun.


Zephyra Vun is an ambassador for accessible design. After attending the U of M from 2005-2011, Vun graduated with her bachelor’s in environmental design followed by a master’s in architecture. She founded anARCHI design in 2012, and since then has been creating multi-disciplinary art on her core principle of accessibility.

With anARCHI design, Vun critiques the insensitivity of the “superior designer” to the “lowly commoner.” By creating works of art that are accessible outside the realm of design, Vun is blazing a trail for the humble, yet formally-educated artist.

Vun’s architectural background creates a solid and unique platform for her art and design work. She creates images that deconstruct the ordinary, pushing the boundaries of simplistic and familiar figures by facilitating alternate perspectives.

She strives to create transparent and inclusive art, dissolving the boundaries that separate us from the seemingly inaccessible, intimidating, and unaffordable sphere of design culture.

A focus on handcrafted art and design work makes Vun’s art a projection of her attention to detail, and dedication to authentic design that is fighting to stay relevant in the digital era.

Vun says her education in architecture has given her a unique perspective about the value and intention of art.

Design doesn’t need to be an abstract place. Vun is trying to bridge the gap between our abstract and unsure notion of architectural concepts, and ideas about our built environment. In doing this, she makes her work relatable for everyone, regardless of their architectural knowledge or design background.

“I believe my roots in architecture allow my art to be explicit, detailed, and rigorously conceived. In comparison, my artwork then also becomes the outlet through which I can disseminate architectural concepts by presenting them as subjective art forms, rather than objective design principles,” Vun told the Manitoban.

“Ultimately, my architecture background and my involvement in the arts culminate to create a platform from which to generate meaningful and accessible art.”


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