Brunch is the new black

Winnipeg’s best brunch nooks

Photo by Lauren Siddall

As the art of creating the perfect brunch has taken centre stage in the culinary world, increasingly more brunch-centric restaurants are sprouting up in Winnipeg. These local restaurants are here to make the most important meal of the day the best one, too.

The Tallest Poppy

After a one-year hiatus to oversee the Come N’ Eat Café in the Neechi Commons food co-operative, Talia Syrie is revitalizing The Tallest Poppy in a brand new location within the Sherbrook Inn.

This new space will essentially triple the seating available at the previous Main Street location, allowing Syrie and her business partner Steve Ackerman to expand the business in tandem with her growing menu.

The Tallest Poppy will continue to serve all the old favourites, as well as elaborating their menu to incorporate dinner entrees.

Keeping with the comfort and familiarity The Tallest Poppy is known for, the new location boasts a warm retro design with bright windows to set the charming mood.

In addition to the excitement of once again running her own restaurant, Syrie will also be contributing to the growing neighbourhood of West Broadway, which has transformed into Winnipeg’s most coveted real estate space. In February, the area had a waiting list of business owners wanting to be part of the movement.

Stella’s Café

Stella’s has grown from its humble beginnings into one of Winnipeg’s favourite chains. Stella’s now has five locations (seven counting its Sherbrooke Street bakery and Edna’s Café) popping up everywhere from Kenaston Boulevard and Grant Avenue to the newly redesigned Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport – inevitable expansions from their Osborne Street origins in 1999.

Stella’s all-day breakfast draws a massive crowd; they are always packed on the weekends.

In addition to their mouthwatering breakfast menu, Stella’s also has a wide array of specialty cocktails, dinner options, and desserts to fit every culinary occasion. I order from their breakfast selection no matter what – their maple caramel French toast is to die for.

Do yourself a favour and check out the Sherbrook Street location. With Winnipeg’s emerging West Broadway culture as the backdrop, this restaurant is on prime real estate.

The patio has beautiful incandescent light bulbs strung across the trees, juxtaposed with a killer graffiti wall – all while offering a perfect view of Westminster Church. It’s not too late to enjoy a coffee on the patio, so bundle up! The view is worth it.

Osborne Village Café

This hidden-treasure resides within the unassuming walls of the Osborne Village Motor Inn. Under the management of chef Leighton Fontaine, this restaurant breathes refreshing new life into the tired venue.

As a first-time executive chef and manager, Fontaine is focusing on inventive recipes to shake the dust off the over-used, mundane breakfast menus of plain buttermilk pancakes and toast.

Instead, you will find innovative meals such as The Pineapple Express Omelette filled with pineapple chutney, mozzarella, and Manitoba hemp hearts, and The Elvis breakfast sandwich, a grilled peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwich.

There is a strong emphasis on making every menu item fresh and from scratch. Everything you order is cooked for you on the spot, making what may seem like a simple menu item labour-intensive and complex. This underdog of the Osborne strip is definitely one to watch.