Marijuana users must stand up and be heard

Crackdown on head shops the result of complacency

Sorry, head shop owners and outraged head shoppers, but we deserve absolutely zero sympathy. Sure, what’s happening to our local pipe peddlers is a bummer, but the police and the City aren’t at fault here. The blame here falls directly upon our relaxed little shoulders.

Marijuana has been illegal for a long time now, and the vast majority of pot smokers have done absolutely zero to change that. In the eyes of society, we are, at best, degenerates, losers, persona non grata. At worst, we are criminals. Seriously, there are people who think that we deserve to be thrown in jail for those blunts. In fact, a shockingly large amount of people think that behind bars is just where we belong.

And I get it, why bother trying to change anything? Who cares about reforming drug laws when getting high is a phone call away? Why bother researching politics and supporting a politician who believes in a more progressive approach to how our society handles narcotics when weed is delivered right to your door?

In fact, why bother voting at all? What really needs to change?

Well, you are witnessing right now what did, and still does, need to change. The law has been looking the other way when it comes to marijuana in recent history, but it has always had the option to swivel its head back around and snap like a striking serpent.

A crackdown has always been a tool in the authority’s hands, and it was only left in those hands because of our complacency. We just trusted that the people with authority would always let us have our fun. We trusted authority. Did our hippy parents teach us nothing? And now that some of our favorite head shops are getting hassled by the man, we think we have the right to get indignant?

Sure, we’re all great at spitting out the same old tired factoids when we’re with our pot-smoking friends. Weed is less socially and physically harmful than alcohol, and has medicinal benefits for chemotherapy patients, those suffering from glaucoma, and eating disorders. Sitting around and talking about this stuff with people who already agree with you does absolutely nothing. Neither does just “liking” something on Facebook or signing some impotent Internet petition.

No, if you really care about this issue—and you should because it affects us socially, morally, and economically—then you need to step up your game like you should have been doing all along. Write to your newspapers. Write to your local politicians. Vote for the right politicians. Raise your voice to the world and prove to them that you aren’t lazy, you aren’t a loser, and you sure as hell aren’t a goddamn criminal.

Because just saving the head shops shouldn’t be what this is all about. This should be about changing people’s fundamental view of marijuana and the people who use it. This should be about a total overhaul to the narcotic arm of our justice system. We shouldn’t just save some head shops and go back to the status quo, because that still leaves those same powers in the authority’s hands. The law still would not be on our side, and could be turned against us at a moment’s notice.

The man has come a-knocking at our door, and if we can’t muster the strength to shut that door in his face hard enough to knock him flat on his ass this time, then we deserve everything we get. We have everything on our side to change the law: sense, science, morality, and numbers.

But if we can’t scrounge up the will, then criminals we will remain. And then when the man comes a-knocking again, you will find that criminals have very few rights to fight with.

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  1. Vicki Poirier | February 16, 2014 at 9:55 am |

    I stood up in front of the MB Government to talk about the PST tax hike. My focus was instead of raising taxes, legalize marijuanna and tax that. I went on to say there is a huge advantage to being the first province to do this. It was held in front of a huge committee at the Legislature building. I got. to speak for 20 minutes. I’m a Teacher! I’m able to talk on a subject correctly without ever saying Um or Ah. I was dressed very professional and made many, very good points. I was even quoted the next day on Question Period. In conclusion I am doing every thing I can think of to help.

  2. Speak for yourself. If it wasn’t for the strong activist community, the Crown wouldn’t have backpedlled so fast. These were just a couple of asshole cops freelancing, and an opportunistic politician trying to score points. We put them in their place.

  3. There is a huge hurtle that continues to suppress most cannabis consumers from standing up and speaking up loudly and proudly even though there is easily accessible scientific evidence to back up the claims.
    That huge hurtle is fear. There is fear of losing employment, losing children, fear of prosecution. Fear of cannabis consumers that are extreme in their actions. Still worse is the extremely negative people that will stop at nothing to tear down anything positive others are attempting to do related to drug policy reform. Fact is every 420 community has these types of negative people that want what we want. That is for prohibition to end.

    If we could find some way to get the extremely nasty and negative people in our own communities to redirect some of (preferable all) the vast amount of negative energy they dedicate to destructive actions and direct it towards positive actions more people would be inclined to step up. Additionally the drug policy reform community has lost many thousands of good hard working people due to the actions of these seriously negative people.

  4. Exactly what I’ve been spreading around – Please join and Suport the MMAR Coalition against Repeal – you can find a collection of supports on facebook at the facebook page called – MMAR Coalition against Repeal v.2.0.

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