Locals to look out for

This is a message to all the denizens of this dark n’ dreary, sometimes inspiring, other times heartbreaking flutopia otherwise known as Winnipeg. I am here to issue you a challenge. Unplug yourself from your Netflix stream of nostalgic television shows, cast off that warm comforter, and go check out what I’m sure will be a magical night of music and lyrical mayhem.

Friday, Feb. 1st at 200 Colony, Ghost Town, Manitoba will be presenting the ninth edition of its legendary Solo Series. Some of you will recognize Ghost Town, Manitoba as the promoter behind such magical evenings as the Wax Mannequin show last summer that started in an Exchange District coffee shop and ended on Albert Street in the wee hours of the morning.

This edition of the Solo Series brings you Beefdonut, Johnny Sizzle, and Steve Basham, stripping down and letting you get intimate with some of the best songs emanating from this fair city. For those of you unfamiliar with those names, allow me to drop some science.

Beefdonut (A.K.A. Joel Klaverkamp) might be one of Winnipeg’s most diverse musicians. From the new wave-ish Drums and Wires, to the dance beats of Yopeckummah, to his blistering college rock set last month at the Windsor, this man has an immense palette at his disposal. You never know what kind of picture he is going to paint.

Johnny Sizzle is Winterpeg’s longest running institution of rock n’ roll rebellion. He’s been blasting out his unique form of acoustic punk since the 80s – way back before that thing was any kind of cool. He’s played everywhere from the temples of the counterculture elite to the lowliest street corners Canada has to offer. He’s a poet and a philosopher, proclaiming his peculiar perspective on life, love, culture, and politics, wrapped lovingly in the strum of a power chord.

Last but not least we have Steve Basham, everybody’s lo-fi heartthrob. This guy has to be one of the hardest working entertainers in Winnipeg. He’s an artist, a filmmaker, and in multiple bands – aside from playing solo he also fronts the Girth and plays bass in the Unbelievable Bargains. This guy works so hard that, if you are so inclined, you can get a double dose of Steve this week – hit up the Girth at Draft Night at the Windsor on Jan. 31 before the Solo Series the next night.

One final note before I leave you to make your decision: if you do attend Solo Series 009, remember – this show is not at a traditional venue. The people putting this on are doing so out of a genuine love of creativity and music. This kind of love has become a hot commodity in these days of fast fame and hollow hearts. Nurture it by being respectful and remembering to say thanks.

“Locals to look out for” is a new column by local musician and enthusiast David Skene (the Manic Shakes). Check it out every week to see what local music he recommends!

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  1. Elsie Dangnabbit | January 29, 2013 at 12:23 pm |

    damn, this writer is fresh! I h8 music and lyfe but this kept me entertained, wut a sweetheart, wut a cheerleader

  2. Joel Klaverkamp | February 1, 2013 at 7:30 pm |

    alright now I’m blushing.

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