Going Deep with Jodie Layne

Waterslides, terrariums, and sex are all things that are much more appealing when you add a little moisture. Some folks are lucky and their physical signs of arousal come easily, but 30 per cent of women between the ages of 18 and 59 have said that getting slicked up on their own is an issue.

There are multiple factors that can lead to being a little drier between the legs than you might like. Hormones or a lack of arousal before intercourse—also known as not enough foreplay—are the main culprits. In these times, there is a really simple solution: lube!

Lube isn’t just for penis in vagina heterosexual intercourse, though – it can be a lifesaver and one of the best ways to have better, and even safer, sex in many other situations. Whether you are having anal sex, using toys, fisting, giving a hand job, fingering, performing oral sex, or masturbating, there are different types of lubes that are made just for what you need them for. It’s important in these scenarios to pick the right lube for the job. Getting it wetter can not only result in more pleasurable sex, but is imperative in preventing pain, the spread of infection, and the ripping and tearing of skin,.

There is no substitute for lube—other than your own natural lubrication, of course—not oil, water, lotion, or spit. These substances can irritate the skin, cause yeast infections and irritation, or be absorbed quickly into the body. If the affordability of lube is an issue for you, it is available for free through Klinic and Rainbow Resource Centre.

What goes on our bodies is also absorbed by our bodies into our bloodstream, so looking for a lube free of harmful ingredients that is as natural as possible is important – especially when dealing with areas with such thin tissue. Stay away from anything with artificial scents and colors or petroleum. Anything with glycerine in it is a recipe for a yeast infection and I would advise you to stay far, far away. Hathor Aphrodisia, Sliquid, and Yesare the three brands of lubricants that I feel best about putting on/in my body.

If you’re looking for a basic lube to help get things rolling without turning your orifice into a slip and slide, or you need a little something to ensure fingering your partner is more pleasure than pain, or if you desire a lube to use with your favorite sex toy – water-based lubes are your new friend. They will eventually absorb into your skin, so they aren’t ideal for anal play but are condom/silicone sex toy compatible, gentle, and versatile. If you feel like you want to moisten things up a little but aren’t sure where to start, this is the best place. Hathor Aphrodisia’s Lubricant Pure is full of natural extracts that help prolong the length of its slippery-ness without making it sticky. Yes’ water-based lubricant is also ideal for use with toys and is pH-balanced to help keep things as natural as possible.

When engaging in play that will stretch you out a bit—like fisting or using large toys—or takes place in an area where no natural lubrication occurs—like your butt or boobs—silicone or hybrid lubricants will do the best job. Silicone does not absorb into your skin so there is no need to reapply during sex, which makes it great for hand jobs, breast play, or anal sex. Don’t be afraid to use lots and make sure you clean it off with a wet wipe or in the shower afterwards. Sliquid brand’s Silver is my favorite silicone, but they make a hybrid blend of water/silicone lube called Silk which is a perfect alternative for those who find strictly silicone a bit too slippery.

Flavoured lubes are a bit of an incentive for those who don’t love giving head. They can help mask the flavour/smell of genitals if it’s a deterrent for the giver and can help make oral sex more pleasurable for them, which makes everyone happy. As many flavoured lubes contain some sort of sugar/glycerine component to give them their flavour, rinsing them off of vaginas they may have been applied to is always a good idea and I do not recommend them for intercourse.

So, no matter what activities you partake of in or out of the bedroom, there is hardly a place where a little lube wouldn’t be welcome.

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