Crime beat

The holidays saw five instances of theft at the University of Manitoba. The U of M Security Services reported that two thefts of cell phones occurred. These thefts occurred when the devices were left unattended.

The remaining thefts included a laptop stolen from a locker, an item stolen from a vehicle on campus, and a vehicle stolen from a campus parking lot.

As a precautionary measure, Security Services reminded all students and staff to avoid leaving valuables unattended.

A reported break-in occurred over the holiday break, in which the suspects entered through an unlocked door and entered several offices, removing numerous items.

One report of mischief occurred during December. An individual entered a Fletcher Argue elevator and caused damage totaling $200. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras identified the individual and restitution was paid.

One assault was reported in which the victim received medical attention. Due to the victim being un-cooperative, details of the incident were not available from Security Services.