2012 UMSU general elections interviews

Aboriginal student community representative – Kyra Wilson 

What would you like to achieve?

Basically I just wanted to bring forth Aboriginal issues to the student population. A lot of Aboriginal people are struggling today and I think by learning the history of Aboriginal people, everybody can get a better understanding of why Aboriginal people struggle on a daily basis. That goes with students and people outside of campus as well.


What experience do you bring to the position?

This is my first year [at the University of Manitoba]. I joined with the University of Manitoba Aboriginal Students Association (UMASA), and this year I held the position of U1 rep, and I’ve been involved with a lot of different events and functions pertaining to Aboriginal students.


What do you think are the most prominent issues/concerns effecting the Aboriginal student community of campus right now?

I think because of the fact that Aboriginal students are underrepresented at the U of M, they don’t really get a voice or maybe participate in a lot of the events surrounding Aboriginal issues. I think by getting these students more actively involved, they can themselves bring these issues forward.


How would you work to ensure that there is better representation of the needs and interests of the Aboriginal student community at the U of M?

I do frequently go to the Aboriginal Student Centre [housed in Migizii Agamik], and I think just basically working closely with Aboriginal students and being a part of the student population, I can get a better idea of what sort of issues need to be heard or . . . anything that Aboriginal students need. I’d be more than willing to bring that forward to UMSU or to any other student association and the regular student population.