UMSU notes

The University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) council met on Dec. 1.

The meeting began with a presentation by Michael Safiniuk, the successful candidate for position of chief returning officer (CRO) for the 2012 UMSU elections and referenda.

Safiniuk has worked for the Credit Union Central of Manitoba and also worked as an information officer in 2011 Manitoba provincial election.

Safiniuk said he applied for the position because he wanted to give back to the university community and felt it was important for UMSU to “have someone who makes sure that elections run smoothly.”

The council then approved a motion to approve Safiniuk as CRO for UMSU elections and referenda, with a contract ending April 30, 2012.

Camilla Tapp, UMSU president, announced UMSU’s Charity Ball event has been cancelled, as a sufficient number of tickets were not sold.

“If you know somebody who bought the tickets, they can get their refunds from Answers,” she explained to the councillors.

Tapp reported on her experience at Canadian Conference on Student Leadership held in Calgary on Nov. 17-20, which UMSU and Student Life partnered together to send undergraduate students to.

“It was a great opportunity to network and chat with these campus leaders,” she said.

Students who attended this conference will be working on follow-up projects to give back to the campus community by implementing things they learned at the conference, Tapp explained.

Justin Quigley, vice-president (internal), announced The Hub received its construction permit from the City of Winnipeg

Quigley reported that the first meeting of the Bannatyne Student Caucus took place on Nov. 15, where members discussed issues facing students on the Bannatyne campus.

He noted that he attended a meeting held by the alcohol awareness strategy planning sub-committee, where members were given a presentation by the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission regarding its marketing strategy.

UMSU executive council also reported that UMSU businesses will be closed from Dec.21 to Jan. 3.