Crime beat

Thefts dominated crime on campus for the month of October, with 14 thefts reported this month. “The items stolen range from a cellphone and items taken from breaking into a vending machine to laptops [ … ],” explained Doug Heinrichs, community constable for Security Services.

Two of the thefts occurred in the locker rooms in the Frank Kennedy Centre, one in the women’s and one in the men’s. The theft from the men’s locker room involved a locker that had no lock on it.

Security Services dealt with three incidents where individuals were detained under the Intoxicated Persons Act. In one incident, an individual who was neither a student nor staff member was found have a warrant for their arrest. The individual was turned over to the Winnipeg Police Service.

In another incident, a resident advisor reported to Security Services a small quantity of drugs and drug paraphernalia found in a lounge in one of the residences. No charges were laid in the incident. “It was found in a fridge and therefore the owner is unknown,” Heinrichs explained.

Security Services also attended to an incident of assault involving two students in a romantic relationship.