A celebration of interconnectedness

Provided by Zanifa Rasool

4/5 stars

With gardens, grasses, mushrooms and mystical creatures, Yours Queerly Arts Collective’s Flourish portrays cottagecore at its finest.

The Fringe newcomers explore queerness in nature with well-executed choreography, whimsical movements and stunning visuals. It’s quirky, refreshing and leaves room for interpretation by viewers.

The hour-long musical tale has brief moments of dialogue — including occasional gibberish, which had viewers giggling uncontrollably, and sweet relatable soliloquies that had them shedding a few tears.

The group artfully delved into the complexities of relationships, unrequited love, childhood, growth and freedom all while emphasizing the interconnectedness of everything in nature through symbolism of the enchanted garden. 

All four cast members had a strong stage presence and exuded charisma throughout the entire performance. The show’s music selection was clever and enhanced the overall experience. For alternative and indie music lovers, it may be difficult to stop yourself from singing out loud.

It’s a holistic and utterly charming show, sure to warm anyone’s heart. 

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