BoG notes

The University of Manitoba Board of Governors met on Sept. 27.
The meeting began with a presentation on the redevelopment of Tache Hall into the new Art Research Technology (ART) Lab by Greg Boothroyd, project architect for the new arts facility.

Boothroyd listed the many attributes of the site, including its proximity to residences, parking lots, bus stops and connection to the tunnel system. He then reported on how rooms in Tache will be used for studio and office spaces, as well as how the Black Hole Theatre could find a new home in the building.

He concluded his presentation by explaining the next steps of the project, which will include further architectural design and developing an approach to sustainability.

University President David Barnard reported on the beginning of the academic year.

He noted the media coverage given to the levels of enrolment, which was eight people short of an all-time record, and said as of Sept. 27, 2011, enrolment was the largest ever with 28,456 students.

Barnard also reported that on Sept. 23 the university got permission to occupy Pembina Hall, but there were a few issues when moving students in, such as lack of laundry facilities.

University of Manitoba Students’ Union president Camilla Tapp gave an update on UMSU. She noted the success of UMSUfest during orientation week, and said that a current priority for UMSU was the provincial election campaign and encouraging everyone on campus to vote.

Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) president Peter Nawrot reported on a project that is working towards launching a satellite into space, which the university could use for up to two years of research.

Nawrot also outlined goals for the upcoming year, which included increasing departmental grants and working for more representation within departments.