Five Questions

Five Questions is a continuing column in which we pose a
different artist the same five crucial questions.

The Manitoban: What substance or activity do you find
to be creativity-producing?
Matt Schellenberg of The Liptonians: Bolthouse strawberry banana [smoothie]. Twenty-seven strawberries, two and a half bananas.

M: Who is your preferred teen idol?
(e.g., Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, etc.)
M.S.: That one that is a virtual reality girl from Japan or something, and she plays live shows! That’s crazy.

M: What’s the most embarrassing album you’ve ever owned?
M.S.: I think possibly an all-female Christian punk band called Superchick . . . “Barlow Girls,” man.

M: What’s your motto?
M.S.: To empower people for the choices and challenges of the 21st century while working and learning in a safe, supportive environment . . .in the world today.

M: Animal, vegetable, or mineral?
M.S.: Vegetable. Specifically, well-steamed asparagus. Maybe with a little cheese on toast . . .

The Liptonians play their CD release party for Let’s All March Back Into The Sea at West End Cultural Centre on Feb. 13.

– interview conducted by Maria Bowler