Crime Beat

The University of Manitoba experienced a number of criminal violations on campus during the month of January.

According to Security Services patrol officer Doug Heinrichs, there were nine reports of vehicle break-ins, and “in most cases, property was stolen from within these vehicles.”

“Security Services would like to remind everyone not to leave valuables in
their vehicles, or to keep them stored out of sight,” said Heinrichs.

Four reports came forth of vehicles being stolen from campus, two of which were found on campus by patrolling officers. The other two were found abandoned off campus and recovered.

There were eight thefts reported that were unrelated to vehicles. Three of the incidents were from lockers and two from offices.

“In one instance, personal property was left unattended in a common area and was later discovered to be stolen. Staff and students are reminded to never leave personal items and valuables unattended,” said Heinrichs.

In addition, there were four reports of mischief at the Fort Garry and two at the Bannatyne campuses.

“In one of these cases, Security Services, monitoring the CCTV cameras, observed individuals spray painting on the walls and floors in a tunnel area. Members were able to attend and apprehend those involved,” said Heinrichs.

January also saw five incidents involving drugs or alcohol with “individuals consuming alcohol in an unauthorized location, excessive consumption requiring medical assistance, incoherence and blackouts,” said Heinrichs.

Security Services is currently offering a Rape Aggression Defence (R.A.D.) course for women. Openings are available for classes in February and March. Please see the website for more information.

Please contact Security Services immediately (474-9312) should you witness or suspect a criminal incident is occurring. If you have been the victim of a crime, please call as soon as possible, or attend in person to 423 University Crescent (Fort Garry) or S105

Medical Services Building (Bannatyne) to file a report. Officers are available
to assist 24/7.