Sex and the campus

The advertising and marketing executives are always looking for untapped markets, and so it is with dating. We are always looking for people we haven’t contacted or entire places we haven’t been before.

Certainly, in a city the size of Winnipeg, there aren’t many places you can go without finding someone who is more than two people removed from yourself. The next best way to find a market that is completely unfamiliar is the simplest in some ways, but also the most difficult: Location, location, location.

On a recent trip to Toronto, any single social grooming that I may have required was met; when you’re in a city of entirely unfamiliar people, in a neighborhood full of attractive people — since attractive people are infinitely more abundant in the larger metropolitan areas — leads to any person getting a few looks, so one must be prepared.

It’s a great method for social grooming for a person who might feel like their are no options left in Winnipeg, as so many single Winnipeggers do, to find a city that seems like it’s full of infinite options.

The thing about seeing all of these options is that it makes a person not want to leave.

I wanted to drop all my classes on Aurora rather than check-in to my flight. When all of a sudden one feels like they have discovered new opportunities, it’s always difficult to leave.

Even after we’ve managed to leave, we end up waiting to go back, looking for the next time we can go back to visit the land of options again.

Options are great things, but occasionally realizing the options that exist elsewhere are infinitely better than where you are it can be quite depressing, especially when you’re quite a ways away from being able to attain them.

Whether you take a walk on the University of Toronto campus and fall in love with the hallways of Hart House or just a simple walk around a strange city when you fall for the simple things about a city without ridiculous young people.

But maybe life knowing that options exist elsewhere can make a person more confident in where they are. A more confident person is much more attractive, so maybe knowing that everything will be fine one day when we can relocate, as it seems most people in Winnipeg do, will lead to a better dating life where we are now.