A Love Story

Once upon a time there was a shy second year student who was desperately trying to work up the courage to volunteer at her university’s student newspaper. For months she tried to talk herself into walking down to the newspaper’s office. Once February rolled around, she decided she had put it off long enough. She took a deep breath and walked inside. It was the best decision she ever made. Not only did she later become News Editor of the paper she had wanted ever so much to write for but, most importantly, it was here that she met the love of her life.

It was in my second year of university that I met Morgan. While the first time I was formally introduced to him was when I started volunteering at the Manitoban, we were in the same second year English class for months beforehand and never once talked to each other.

We realized this when I stopped by the office one day and Morgan noticed my Victorian Literature textbook. He asked if I happened to be in a certain professor’s class. I told him I was and he sheepishly asked me for the essay topics, having missed the last few classes.

When I first started volunteering for the Manitoban, Morgan was not especially nice to me. Being a News Reporter at the time, Morgan has since told me that he saw me as competition and was fearful of being replaced by a volunteer who happened to have a knack for news writing. Morgan has also told me that not only did he see me as competition, but he also happened to have a very big crush on me.

As time passed, especially after we were both hired on as News Editors, the two of us grew to be friends. We spent hours upon hours together in the office reading and writing news, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Months passed and as fall came closer to winter, the two of us started hanging out more and more outside of work. I began realizing that I was starting to like Morgan as more than a friend.

We began seeing each other around the time of my 20th birthday. It wasn’t long until we were officially dating and soon after decided we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I’m very happy to say we’ve been together ever since.

And to think it all started because I decided to walk into the Manitoban office.