Sacred Portal

Nothing is stable . . .
Not a thought, nor whim, nor prayer.
Too many inexpressible feelings.
I stomp the ground.
Ahh there it is . . . stability.

I stomp again. And again.
Reality frays.
Nothing is stable . . .

A crack forms.
“Oh shit! A hole.”
I look into it.

It’s amazing and unmistakable . . .
A portal that stretches to the end of time.

I feel small.
My ego can’t take it.
“I’ll fight insignificance!”

Ahhh, that’ll never work.
Because I am insignificant.
“Tis true. Tis true.”

Even Jesus is insignificant.
“How dare you!”
“Blasphemy I say!”

I see his face smiling in the portal.
He’s stuck . . .
Between the beginning and end of time.

I toss these words down to him,
Hoping then they’ll have a chance.

“So long.” Till we meet again . . .

My words get caught in an updraft and arrive back on my desk.

Fuck you words!
Get the hell out of here!
You’re not welcome anymore!

The words speak for themselves: “Why?”

Because I’m not good enough to compose you beautifully.
Because my thoughts aren’t worth remembering.
Because you’ll be discarded and die . . .
Sooner rather than later.

The words speak for themselves: “It’s only a matter of time.”

I look into the portal. To the end of time.

Jumping in, I’m caught between gravity and the updraft.
Here, time is still.

I spin about the portal . . .
Never being known here, nor there, nor anywhere.
Forgotten to time, like the whole of humanity . . .
10 trillion years from now.

“I’ve been discarded.”
It was bound to happen.
Sooner or later.

The words speak for themselves: “It’s only a matter of time.”

Perhaps it’s best this way,
The words will fare better on their own.

For now . . .

Until all our primitive thoughts
Are lost in translation.