A second chance at a healthy life

The Biggest Loser is a life-changing show for overweight Americans who want to change their lives by becoming healthy through exercise and nutritional eating.

The show is in its eighth season, entitled “Second chances,” because everyone deserves a second chance and the contestants want another chance at a healthy life.

Participants are provided with calorie-counting resources, and a food and exercise diary which they must maintain daily. This helps to raise awareness of past behaviours and develops an understanding for calorie balance through diet and exercise. In addition, they are given crazy workouts by the show’s trainers.

The Biggest Loser has become a popular show and is inspirational to many people in different countries around the world. The Biggest Loser is now a show in the UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, the Middle East, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovakia, South Africa and Asia.

As for contestants keeping off the weight, they have made the decision to change their lives for the better, and in part due to the valuable lessons they have learned about eating healthy and exercising, they tend to succeed. Most have continued their lifestyle changes and are now living in healthier ways. For example, there is often mention of previous Biggest Loser contestants running marathons or doing triathlons. On the first day at the ranch many of the contestants could hardly walk, let alone run one mile.

When asked if she has been able to keep the weight off, season seven winner Helen Phillips says, “Yes, I’ve kept the weight off and it was the best experience of my life! I was a middle-aged woman who was ready to settle on being 257 lbs.. I was depressed, tired, sad, slept all day — really not living. Through my journey on Biggest Loser, I reclaimed my life. I’m 49 and changed my life in the middle of it I feel 30 again, and look it too!”

As a supportive resource, Biggestloserclub.com helps people to make better food choices, find all kinds of healthy recipes, exercise and workout tips. Also you can get personalized goals based on your height and weight. You will also be able to online chat with others going through weight issues.

To the overweight people out there, The Biggest Loser doesn’t have to be your only inspiration to lose weight. These contestants from The Biggest Loser truly are inspirations, but it’s ultimately up to you to lose the weight.

Just like the contestants’ second chances on The Biggest Loser, you can have your second chance at a new and healthy life!

Phillips offers the following inspiring words: “I never thought I would be able to make the drastic change that I did! You must believe in yourself and you will be able to accomplish great things.”