Top 10

  1. Pull ahead of the line waiting for a parking spot behind Dafoe Library and when a car pulls out, you pull in.
  2. Drown yourself in perfume/cologne and come sit next to me.
  3. Use the library as a social club and a class window as a mirror.
  4. Act like you know more than the professor (and everyone else).
  5. Miss 3/4 of a class, squeeze through rows, and then request the professor to repeat the lecture.
  6. Leave your cell on during class (and mean to do it).
  7. Sit in the front row and ask so many questions that the professor has difficulty completing the lecture in the allotted time.
  8. Bring your laptop to class, not to take notes, but to expose the people behind you to your profile and MSN chat (not muting the “boop” sound of messages).
  9. Schedule your classes so that your friends from high school are in the same class then proceed to talk and giggle with them during class.
  10. Miss an entire class, then show up at the end to hand in your paper to the professor (we’ve all done that and for some reason new students still think this is clever, but it’s hilarious to see newbies do it!)
    Grad students, too, are guilty of No. 7 and No. 4.