Student Politics

Zero-sum politics hurts everyone

Shortly before the special board meeting to discuss the recent University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) elections on March 30, a student asked me how…

What I want out of UMSU

The annual general election for the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) is afoot. This means that our current UMSU executive and community representatives are…

Motion 0525 lacks appropriate representation

My hope is that one day, when looking back at this motion, student leaders will be able to see beyond the scope efficiency and find themselves more in tune with the appropriate steps they can make toward representing the U of M’s diverse community. But for now, I can only wish that constituents become more aware of who they vote for to represent them in the biggest student-led political body at our university.

A politicized union is an engaged union

It has become apparent that not even our elected board is trusted with proposing changes to governing documents. As UMSU president Brendan Scott made clear both during debate at a meeting Jan. 6 and in a subsequent interview, it is expected of representatives to simply provide yes-or-no answers to questions presented by bureaucrats.

UMSU board reform delayed by representation concerns

Changes to UMSU governing documents which would see the reduction of voting members of the board of directors from over fifty down to 21 have been delayed following a Jan. 6 meeting in which concerns were raised regarding representation for marginalized communities in the union.