provincial election

Tory education critic hits back after NDP criticisms

With a provincial election only a little more than a month away and with polls showing the incumbent NDP government behind the surging Progressive Conservatives, there could be a new government controlling Manitoba’s finances after ballots are counted April 19.

James Allum draws election fault lines

With a provincial election around the corner and the University of Manitoba facing a second round of cuts to its operating budget, post-secondary education funding is likely to be a contentious issue on the campaign trail.

Debating the democratic process

Electoral politics went under the microscope at the University of Manitoba late last week when political studies students hosted the 32nd annual John Wesley Dafoe Conference.

Centre vs. Centre

Several times during the most recent provincial election campaign I said if you were to take away all of the colours, politicians and TV commercials,…

VoteAnyWay contest winners revealed

Along with the results of the Manitoba provincial election, the winners of the VoteAnyWay project’s public service announcement contest were announced last week. The “VoteAnyWay”…

Putting their name on the ballot

Along with the Conservatives, NDP, Liberals and Greens, there’s a fifth party running in the Manitoba provincial election: the Communist Party of Canada – Manitoba….